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Variability amongst the Bell Beaker ceramics in northwestern part of France
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The aim of this poster is to discuss the broad difference seen between the ceramics attributed to the Bell Beaker phenomenon, especially the beakers themselves. The Bell Beaker phenomenon take place in the second half of the third millenium in the northwestern part of France. In order to understand the spread of this phenomenon on the atlantic shore, we used a technological analysis about the process of crafting the ceramics. This approach allowed us to see the different chaines opératoires used by the potters of the second half of the third millenium to produce a very specific shape : the bell beaker. If theses ceramics fall in the same category in a typological point of view, they're in fact made in different way. Consequently, our next approach is to determine the minimal number of ceramic's tradition for the second half of the third millenium. Our target will be to trace the origin of theses different tradition prior to the Beaker phenomenon.

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