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The site of Recy – Saint-Martin-sur-le-Pré ‘le Mont Grenier – Parc de Référence' (Marne Department, France): a Mesolithic Pit Site
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Excavations carried out by the INRAP over an area of 7.81 ha at Recy – Saint-Martin-sur-le-Pré (Marne, France) in 2013 and 2014 have revealed the presence of 280 Mesolithic pits. The site is situated on the right bank of the Marne, downstream from the city of Châlons-en-Champagne in the Marne department. The pit features are located mid-slope in sandy loam soils. Thirty-four pits yielded a lithic assemblage dominated by blade/bladelet products and projectile points and seventeen others produced roe deer, aurochs and/or wild boar remains. The chronological attribution of the pits primarily depends on 123 radiocarbon dates obtained from wood charcoal sampled from the bases of the pits and from faunal remains within the fills. Seven main morphologies have been identified: the corpus is dominated by circular-plan pits with a cylindrical profile and flat base (type 1), which in 35% of the cases display a posthole-type feature cut into the base. The pits are arranged in four principal groups forming NW-SE alignments that are relatively dense and regular. The longest can be traced over a distance of 328 m and extends beyond the excavated area. These groups consist of a single type of pit or a combination of several types. 137 U-, V-, W- and Y-shaped pits (Schlitzgruben), mainly dating to the Neolithic, occur adjacent to the Mesolithic pits. This contribution will primarily focus on the dating, morphology and the groups made up of Mesolithic features.


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