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Preventive archeology and the problem of these parts of archaeological sites that were not previously threatened with destruction by the construction of motorways in Poland
Slawomir Kadrow  1, 2@  
1 : Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences
2 : Institute of Archaeology, Rzeszów University
ul. Moniuszki 10; 35-015 Rzeszów -  Pologne

The research project devoted to the problem mentioned in the title has just started. Its purpose is to search those parts of archaeological sites that were located outside the motorway routes. For this reason, comprehensive rescue excavations have not been carried out on them. One of the scientific goals of this project is to determine the boundaries of the sites destroyed by motorways on their both sides. Another objective is to check the similarities and differences between already investigated and yet unacknowledged parts of these archaeological sites. The settlement complex Targowisko-Szarów in SE Poland (20km east of Kraków) was chosen as the most promising area to implement so formulated project. It consists of a dozen archaeological sites dated from the beginning of the Neolithic to the modern times. As a side effect of this project, is identification of significant impediments to the geomagnetic prospection of still preserved parts of the sites. Most of the investigated area is polluted with a large number of small pieces of metal (mainly iron) and other rubbish. Particularly many of these traces occur on the terrain of loose, rural buildings and in the neighborhood of motorways exits. These are places where local residents expect further investments. This threatens small, uncontrolled activities of local inhabitants that can destroy the sites. This phenomenon is likely to occur in many other places along the already existing highways. This requires the development of a strategy for taking forward preventive research in these areas.

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