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Exploring different scales of environmental impact on late Pleistocene hominins in western Eurasia
William Davies  1@  
1 : University of Southampton [Southampton]  -  Site web
Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins, Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities, Avenue Campus, Highfield Road, Southampton, SO17 1BF -  Royaume-Uni

Climatic and environmental changes operate, and have operated, at many different spatial and temporal scales. This presentation will evaluate how we should test the impacts of these different changes on late Pleistocene hominins. Major perturbations, such as Heinrich events and volcanic eruptions, will obviously vary in their scales and durations of impact from smaller-scale disturbances. Did hominins avoid areas at high risk from small-scale disturbances, and how might hominins have considered the risks of living in areas liable to major environmental disasters? How do we characterise the effects of major environmental disasters such as volcanic eruptions? Were decreasing temperatures always a disincentive to Palaeolithic occupation of environments? This presentation will use several case-studies to explore the effects of different scales of environmental and climatic change, and the potential for hominins of ameliorating any such fluctuations.

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