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Bronze Age lithic assemblages from Western Anatolia
Ivan Gatsov  1@  , Petranka Nedelcheva  1, *@  
1 : New Bulgarian University
* : Auteur correspondant

Over the last years a number of new studies on lithic assemblages have been carried out in the northeast Aegean Bronze Age. In this link the main technological and typological features of the Early and Late Bronze Age lithic industries from Troy I-VII - 3th -2th millennium BC and other sites will be presented. The lithic assemblages have been analysed and compared in terms of raw material procurement systems, technology and typology of the retouched tools. One of the aims of this presentation is to reveal to some degree the distribution of the supra regional types such as denticulated tools and ones with bifacial retouch made from tabular flint during the Early and Late Bronze Age. As a result of this comparative research different technological and typological features of the lithic artefacts and exchange networks were distinguished. Through this study our knowledge of larger region has increased, allowing a broader presentation of lithic industries of Western Anatolia area during the Bronze Age. 

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