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Receiving and integrating : the other side of insular mobilities. A comparative approach for Melanesia and Polynesia (part2)
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Translocal relations are a meaningful trait of the socio-cosmic dimension of Oceanian societies. The latter integrate the utmost importance of external relations which are constitutive of the way island societies conceive and organise themselves. Receiving and integrating groups and people, exchange relations, marriage alliances are integral parts of their dynamics, lives and reproduction. We wish to pursue an approach which stresses two often neglected aspects of these dynamics: (i) the positioning of the receiving party with its implications for the dynamics of voyaging, arriving and integrating; (ii) the ceremonial procedures which elaborate relations during arrivals and receptions, reordering pre-existing configurations.

This will be a double communication with a comparative perspective. Denis Monnerie will deal with an insular Melanesian case, Arama in New Caledonia, and Sophie Chave-Dartoen's case study will be Wallis, in Western Polynesia. Our perspective is not to oppose two types of societies and practices, instead we will deal with them together and in fine will stress their similarities. Having already identified the continuities in their social organisation (Monnerie 1998, 2001, 2003; Chave Dartoen 2017) we will focus on the ceremonial, ritual, dimensions of external relations and their implications on the dynamics of social recompositions. We will deal with the ceremonial form of arrivals and receptions, the status of arriving/strange entities and especially the dyadic organisation of these ceremonies with two groups facing each other performing ceremonial sequences involving the circulation of objects and speeches, with a shared meal eventually knotting the relations which have thus been elaborated.



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