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Palaeolithic stone artefacts in Moroccan Sahara
Poul Erik Lindelof  1@  , Abdeljalil Bouzouggar  2@  , Adam Reckweg Cordes  3@  , Astrid Simmelkiaer  4@  , Jakob Vinther  5@  , Lasse Soerensen  3@  
1 : Niels Bohr Institute, university of Copenhagen, Denmark
2 : Institut National des Sciences de l'Archéologie et du Patrimoine, Rabat, Morocco
3 : The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen
4 : Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
5 : School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

A surface collection of 400 Stone Age artefacts at 8 sites in a 400 km2 desert area northeast of Zagora has revealed Acheulean and Mostourian settlements. We found chopping tools, crude hand axes, denticulates, scrapers and many Levalloisian cores all made in quartzite, which is the only stone material in this desert. We do not find tanged tools or Neolithic tools. Our findings reflect the many humid periods with animals and humans in North Africa over the last more than 1 million years. 3 series of optical stimulated luminescence dating, taken at the position of stone artefacts found in the brinks of arid rivers, yielded periods of heavy streaming of water in a span of several thousand years around 11, 23 and 163 thousand years ago.

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