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Current problems of preventive archaeology in Romania
Corina Bors  1, *@  , Paul Damian  1, *@  
1 : National History Museum of Romania, Bucharest  (MNIR)  -  Site web
12 Calea Victoriei, district 3, 030026, Bucharest -  Roumanie
* : Auteur correspondant

The National History Museum of Romania has an important role and expertise as regards preventive archaeology in Romania, since it is the first institution in this country to set up a dedicated department for this domain, but also considering the direct involvement in undertaking many research projects of this kind. With over 25 years of experience in this respect, both on institutional and individual level, we aim to present in the framework of this session the outcomes of the preventive archaeological excavations and projects undertaken by the museum's team, communicating not only about the archaeological discoveries, but also about the institutional, management, financial and legal issues related to it, as well as the co-operation developed in relation with the various stakeholders (the authorities, the developers, the public). On the same time, the paper will provide an overview on how had evolved the national legislation concerning the safeguarding of the archaeological heritage from the 90's to date, and which was the direct impact on the evolution of the preventive archaeology system in Romania. Another key topic of our paper deals also with the link between preventive archeology and the sphere of politics. Aside the important achievements obtained throughout the years, a particular notice will be given to the problematic and difficult matters encounter by the museum's team while participating on preventive archaeological projects, since one have to share these experiences and to learn out of them. We consider that the professional dialogue among the archaeologists from different countries, as well as setting a set of common best practice guidelines for preventive archaeology worldwide are key aspects for providing pathways for a proper development of this specific domain of archaeology nowadays.

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