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Tools, Technical gestures, Symbols and Territory among the Women and Men in the European LBK.
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During the European LBK, individuals entered to the death with different panoply of grave goods. Amongst them, tools are frequent: stone adzes, arrowheads, beveled red deer antlers, firelighters, querns, flint flakes and blades, awls and so on. Confronting the distribution of these different types of tools in the graves of women, men and children with others data (using of the tools, technical patterns, traceology, isotopic analysis, osteological approaches, social organization, anthropological knowledge and human constants, etc.), it is possible to propose hypotheses about the female and male equipment and their symbolical and ideological significations in the first farmer European societies. In particular, unlike women's tools, certain types of male tools worked as performing means of action on the surrounding territory and as symbols of territorial belonging.

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