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Soumyajit Das  1, *@  , Debasis Mondal  1, *@  
1 : Department of Anthropology, University of Calcutta  (C.U.)  -  Site web
35, Ballygunge Circular Rd, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019 -  Inde
* : Auteur correspondant

A city is full of human artefacts, both extant and semi-extinct, that not only reflects the ethnicity of the place but also the changes in settlement patterns over centuries. The perception of proper use of space changes over time, and with it change architectural pattern of a city. Documentation of heritage buildings and structures is of much importance at present, keeping the pace of transformation of a city in mind. Urban archaeology is the holistic study of a city and its premises. Urban archaeology can play the key role in documenting a city and creating its urban history. While ethnohistorians focus on the historical records and architects in present structures, urban archaeologists can show their expertise in archaeological excavations and explorations of an urban area. Kolkata is one of the four metropolitan cities of India. This city was under the rule of British for about three centuries. The colonial architecture is still existing in the core of Kolkata but most of them have undergone immense renovation or restructuration. Ethnohistorical and architectural historical studies have been carried out in this city but there is no urban archaeological work done yet. Present paper is an approach to study the role of urban archaeology for sustainability of the urban heritage of Kolkata.

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