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The burial site of Devesa do Rei (Vedra, A Coruña, NW Iberian Peninsula)
  1  , Maria Pilar Prieto Martinez * , Óscar Lantes-Suárez, Beatriz Guimarey@
1 : Universidad de Santiago de Compostela  (USC)  -  Site web
Facultad de Xeoagrafia e Historia, Praza da Universidade 1. 15782 Santiago de Compostela -  Espagne
* : Auteur correspondant

We present the funerary tumulus dating from the 2nd millennium BC from the site of Devesa do Rei, focusing on a study of its ceramic materials. A formal and spatial study will be carried, together with an archaeometric analysis of the composition of the clays in a series of selected pieces, and in geological samples that are representative of the altered materials in the surrounding area. The study is completed with a calculation of the distances to areas that possibly supplied the clays, comparing the composition of the archaeological and geological samples, contrasting the geological map, and applying a geographic information system. Once the source areas of the raw materials have been identified, an estimation will be made of the effort involved in stockpiling these materials, by calculating the distances travelled and the travelling time, based on defining the likely supply routes from the site.

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