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The case study of the "Colle Santoieri" settlement: new archaeological evidences for the analysis of the ancient landscape of Abruzzo.
Guglielmo Genovese  1, *@  , Alessandra Bassi  2, *@  , Ferdinando Marino  2, *@  
1 : Università degli Studi dellÁquila [LÁquila]  (UNIVAQ.IT)  -  Site web
Via Giovanni Di Vincenzo 16/B, 67100 LÁquila -  Italie
2 : Independent Author
* : Auteur correspondant

In 2017, the operations of the archaeological survey project leaded by the Chair of classical archeology at the University of L'Aquila led to the discovery of an unpublished archaeological site.

The "Colle Santoieri" area, presented in this work, is located in the “Sirente Velino” Natural Park.

The discovery is part of the results of Superequum Survey Project, a research project that aims to investigate the archaeological area of the ancient Superequum.

The current phase of research has led to a first GPS mapping of the site and to the photographic documentation of the accessible structures.

The dense woodland covering the whole area has precluded the observation of the site through remote sensing technologies, but on the other hand it preserved many of the structures in their original disposition.

The geographic location and its planimetric configuration emerged from preliminary investigations in this paper allow the site to be included in the wide scenery of fortified highland settlements in Central Italy.

This site is part of a unique kind of landscape, defined by features like small urban centers, in a capillarily widespread and arranged according to a decentralized model imposed by the geographical features of the Apennines Mountains.

Thanks to the analysis of construction techniques and to comparisons with the structures of already known sites in the same area, it is possible to advance the hypotesis of a dating the “Colle Santoieri” settlement in the pre-Roman period.

The ultimate goal of the archaeological team efforts will be the reconstruction of the most probable aspect of the ancient landscape around the settlement.
In addition, the research will investigate the relationship between the “Colle Santoieri” site and the near settlements of the same period.

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