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Parietal art of Kapova cave: the difficulties in documenting the wall paintings in 1960-2010
Yulia Kuzminova  1, *@  , Vladislav Zhitenev  1@  
1 : Lomonosov Moscow State University  (MSU)  -  Site web
GSP-1, Leninskie Gory, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation -  Russie
* : Auteur correspondant

Kapova cave is situated in the Southern Urals (Russia). A.V. Ryumin discovered the Upper Paleolithic wall paintings in Kapova cave in 1959. The archaeological research in the cave was conducted by O.N. Bader (1960-1981) and V.E. Shchelinsky (1982-1991). In 2008 the Southern Urals archaeological expedition of the Lomonosov Moscow State University started to work at Kapova cave (Zhitenev et al., 2015).

Since the discovery of the paintings in Kapova Cave in 1959, and until now, there have been made several attempts to document them. At various times this kind of work was provided by archaeologists (O.N. Bader and V.E. Shchelinsky), and by enthusiasts - representatives of the natural sciences (A.V. Ryumin, Y.S. Lyakhnitsky, A.K. Solodeinikov). However, taking into account all the importance of the works, which have been already done in this field by the researchers, there is still no complete catalogue with all the necessary data. One of the main problems encountered by experts from the Southern Urals Archaeological Expedition of Lomonosov Moscow State University during the cataloguing of the wall paintings was the problem of the differences in measurements made by different authors. In the archival documents and published works it was not specified according to which principles and particular points of the paintings these measurements were made. The importance of this problem is determined by the need for clear measurement criteria for monitoring the state of the images.

There was made a comparison on the data on the size of the paintings obtained by the different researchers of Kapova cave and the difficulties, which were encountered by the researchers in the process of documenting the parietal art, were examined. The authors also offer a new approach to documenting the paintings of Kapova cave, based on the latest data on measurements obtained as a result of work in the Chamber of Chaos.


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