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Heritage consciousness through alternative education and Public Archaeology: a Philippine perspective
, Omar Choa  1@  , Andrea Natasha Kintanar  1@  
1 : Tuklas Pilipinas Society  -  Site web
Albert Hall, Lakandula St. corner E. Jacinto St., University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C. -  Philippines

Tuklas Pilipinas Society is a non-profit organisation that aims to spread awareness of archaeological heritage in the Philippines through alternative education and Public Archaeology. It hopes to empower local communities to manage and protect their own heritage. Studies show that when local government uses knowledge from archaeology to cultivate heritage-oriented community services, people feel more connected to their culture and their past, and as a result, feel empowered to contribute more to society. This paper discusses various examples of archaeological heritage education initiatives conducted by Tuklas in the Philippines that have been effective in engaging local communities in heritage management and preservation of their archaeological sites. Involvement of local and national government is reviewed, and the importance of close interaction between the local community, archaeologists, and heritage practitioners is emphasized. We submit that archaeological information and heritage can be effectively integrated into a variety of contexts if local government, the local community, and heritage practitioners work together.

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