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Bronze Age subsistence economy in the Leventina valley, Ticino (CH): models on territoriality and seasonality
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A large amount of archaeological, biological and environmental data could be gathered during the 2003–06 excavations in the prehistoric settlement of Airolo-Madrano, Ticino (CH), and the subsequent 2007–11 field surveys in the upper part of the Leventina valley. These data have been comprehensively processed and analyzed with regard to environmental evolution, settlement history and economic settings over the younger periods of the prehistory of the Central Alps (Early Bronze to Late Iron Age). Particular attention was given to GIS-based models on land use and subsistence strategies, as key factors of durable settlement in mountain environments. A specific Alpine type of forest subsistence economy can now be proposed for the Bronze Age Leventina valley in which land management, crop cultivation, transhumance, and food storage play essential roles.

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