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Reindeer or Fish? A critical review
Thomas Terberger  1@  , Jacek Kabacinski  2@  
1 : State Agency for Heritage Service of Lower Saxony
2 : Polish Academy of Science

Reindeers form part of the narrative of Late Glacial societies of the North European plain. This is certainly due to the evidence from the Late Glacial sites of the Ahrensburg tunnel valley with an overwhelming number of reindeer remains and this was confirmed by new finds from the Slotseng site. However, the role of aquatic ressources has been discussed for the Upper Palaeolithic in the past for example by Cleyet-Merle many years ago. The last years provided first 13C/15N-isotope evidence from human remains, which probably date to the early Preboreal or late Younger Dryas. They indicate the consumption of aquatic food resources and this challenges the traditional perspective. The paper will discuss these results on the background of further isotope evidence available from other (coastal) areas. Finally we will focus on more general evidence for the lifestyle at the onset of the Holocene, when hunter-fisher-gatherers colonized northern Europe. 

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