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Identification of organic binders in prehistoric pigments through multiproxy archaeometric analyses from the Toca do Paraguaio and the Boqueirão da Pedra Furada shelters (Capivara Sierra, Piauí, Brazil).
Hugo Gomes  1@  , Thalison Santos, Cristiane Buco, Lisa Volpe, George Nash, Sara Garcês, Carmela Vaccaro, Niéde Guidon, Pierluigi Rosina,@
1 : Grupo Quaternário e Pré-História, Centro de Geociências (UID_73);

Pigments from several prehistoric rock art paintings samples were analysed through a multiproxy archaeometric approach. Sampling occurred in two rock-shelters within the National Park of Serra da Capivara area (an UNESCO World Heritage Site): The Toca do Paraguaio and the Toca do Boqueirão da Pedra Furada.

Five complementary techniques such as X-Ray Micro-Fluorescence, Raman Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Stereomicroscope Observation and High Temperature-Gas Chromatography were combined in order to identify and characterize the inorganic and organic pigment materials. In particular, gas-chromatography analyses revealed the presence of binders, hardly recognized in rock art prehistoric pigments. These binders' substances (plant fatty acids) could be included in the pigment process “chain-opératoire”.


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