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Early Late Glacial subsistence strategies in the Danish region – reindeer and ?
Morten Fischer Mortensen  1@  , Kristoffer Pedersen  2, *@  , Peter-Steen Henriksen  1, *@  
1 : The National museum of Denmark  -  Site web
Ny Vestergade 10 1471 Copenhagen -  Danemark
2 : Museum Sydøstdanmark  -  Site web
Algade 97 DK 4760 Vordingborg -  Danemark
* : Auteur correspondant

Worked reindeer antlers and bones found in a small kettle hole close to Slotseng in southern Jutland represent the oldest secure trace of humans in Denmark. This, together with a number of other worked antler finds, could suggest that hunting was concentrated on reindeer in the early late Glacial period. Do these finds represent an overall subsistence economy or do they represent the short seasonal hunting of reindeer? Zoological studies show that both terrestrial and marine animals were available allowing a more varied hunting strategy and archaeobotanical studies similarly show the presence of a number of plants which could have supplemented the diet.

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