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The new technologies and their application in digital images of rock art, have tried to recognize and extract characteristics of technique, form and conservation. Occasionally, the invasion of the painting for its study has been counterproductive and, on the other side, the limitation of the results of images to extract information has had a limited success where said tools do not provide statistical information and prediction of the pictographs. 

We propose the presentation of software of application of fractal treatments, for the generation of digital models and their fractal dimension, to describe, model and predict patterns and pictorial manifestations from images with raw or bmp formats.

The computer programs are freely accessible and can mix images to make comparative studies, calculation of variables and indexes and a general report where all the operations done, the parameter values obtained are achieved; as well as the name of the images and the registered diagrams, where statistics can be made for the creation of evaluation parameters with a conservation study.

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