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From giant cores to bifaces. Technological variability and Cahine Operatoire segmentation in the Acheulean of the Iberian Peninsula.
Javier Baena  1@  , Concepción Torres Navas, Paloma De La Sota@
1 : Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Around western Europe, the bifaces are one of the main landmarks of the Acheulian technocomplex (Moncel and Schreve, 2016). The central region of the Iberian Peninsula is characterized by important Miocene formations with a huge abundance of flint outcrops in which important Palaeolithic sites have been discovered. The sites distribution and its density, confirm the large and diachronic human catchment and knapping activities during the interval MIS11 to MIS3. Charco Hondo 1 and Charco Hondo 2 (Bárez et al., 2016) are two of the main Acheulean sites (Los Ahijones- Madrid) in which quarrying of flint blanks and the knapping of bifaces were the main developed activities. Although in both cases the lithological context and the shaping propose were similar, there are fundamental differences between them. We recorded changes in knapping techniques and shaping methods between levels and sites. But the major differences were register in the blank production strategies and the general organization of the reduction process(Sharon, 2010). In this contribution, we analyse these differences in order to carry out a comprehensive understanding of the variability of those assemblages and the possible reasons that were behind it. (Moncel and Schreve, 2016).


Bárez, S., Baena, J., Pérez-González, A., Torres, C., Rus, I., Vega, J., 2016. Acheulian flint quarries in the Madrid Tertiary basin, central Iberian Peninsula: First data obtained from geoarchaeological studies. Quaternary International. 411, 329–348.

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