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Functional study of the Copper Age lithic and metallic grave goods from the Humanejos cemetery (Parla, Madrid).
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The Humanejos site, in the Madrid region was occupied during the IIIrd and IInd millennia cal BC and has nearly 2000 domestic structures and around a hundred graves. Amongst their grave goods are plain bowls and small pots, personal ornaments like stone beads (in variscite and other rocks), and a limited but rich flint set, with arrowheads, daggers, blades and a retouched tabular flint plate. A hafted chisel, flat axes, awls and knives-daggers were found in the copper-based metal elements. Nine of those graves had rich and abundant Bell Beaker grave goods, such as more than 50 pots with the characteristic impressed decorations, of Maritime, Comb Geometric and Ciempozuelos styles. There were also personal ornaments like ivory/bone beads and gold plaquettes. Among the copper-based metal elements, a flat axe was discovered together with weaponry as tanged daggers, Palmela points and one halberd. Through the use-wear analysis, insights are made on the meaning of the grave offerings within their social context, especially considering if they were new pieces made just for the burial ritual or the equipment used in their everyday life by those individuals. On the other hand, the meaning of the typological and functional variation of the tools and weapons in the Bell Beaker and non-Bell Beaker tombs is considered.

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