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First approach to the social-economic organization of La Draga's dwellers (NE Iberian Peninsula, 7270-6750 cal BP) through the characterization of activity areas
Núria Morera  1, *@  , Oriol López  1@  , Juan Antonio Barceló  1@  , Antoni Palomo  2@  , Raquel Piqué  1@  , Xavier Terradas  3@  
1 : Departament de Prehistòria, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
2 : Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya
3 : Arqueología de las Dinámicas Sociales, IMF-CSIC
* : Auteur correspondant

La Draga is an early Neolithic pile-dwelling located in the NE of the Iberian Peninsula. The site, located on the shore of Lake Banyoles, has provided an exceptional sample of organic remains that have been preserved in an anoxic environment. The earliest occupation documented, Phase I (5324-5000 cal. BC), is characterized by remains of wooden structures as well as by the diversity and richness of archaeological finds. Several categories of materials have been spatially analysed by the application of geostatiscal methods in order to determine activity areas, their spatial pattern and their relation with the wooden structures identified during the excavation. The results obtained demonstrate the relation between specific activities and the spaces related to the dwelling. In this communication, the results of geostatistical analyses are discussed in terms of the spatial organization and its relation with household activities in the frame of social theory. 

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