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Variscite provenance analysis. A review
Carlos Odriozola  1@  , Rodrigo Villalobos García  2@  , Manel Edo  3@  , José Ángel Garrido Cordero  1@  , José María Martínez Blanes  4@  
1 : Dpto. de Prehistoria y Arqueología. Universidad de Sevilla
2 : Universidad de Valladolid
4 : Instituto de Ciencia de MAteriales de Sevilla -CSIC

Green beads exchange has been for long understood as a key feature of long distance exchange. Recent studies have point to some key elements or element ratios as the clue to define exchange flows. In this paper, we review all the approaches to variscite provenance cross validating them with a dataset of c. 500 XRD, XRF and NMR analysis of the 4 Iberian known outcrops and green bead's assemblages coming from 10 sites coeval to the mines exploitation.

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