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New data about burial customs and rituals in the chalcolithic enclosure of Camino de Las Yeseras (Madrid, Spain)
Corina Liesau  1, *@  , Patricia RÍos  1@  , Irene Ortiz  1, *@  , Concepcion Blasco  1, *@  , MarÍa De Los Ángeles De Chorro  1, *@  , Carlos Arteaga  1, *@  , Cristina Cabrera  1, *@  
1 : Universidad Autónoma de Madrid  (UAM)  -  Site web
* : Auteur correspondant

The aim of this communication is to present interesting results of the most recent archaeological excavation in Camino de las Yeseras site (Madrid).

Due to more than a decade of studies in the site, we now know the main habitat and funerary practices of this great ditched enclosure settlement during the 3rd millennium cal BC.

 Until today the great variability of the funerary record show two groups differentiated by their rites with some chronological differences: non Bell Beaker and Bell Beaker. Among the first one -always tombs in simple pit although of different size- a great diversity is observed collective, multiple, double and individual burials, with or without goods grave. This group is dated from the mid-3rd millennium BC to the end of it, being the oldest funerary manifestations of the site and coinciding with the maximum development of Bell-Beaker burials. This second group maintains some previous traditions, such as the transfer of human remains and secondary inhumations mark the beginning of a new form of burial with more complex tombs and inhumations in normalized positions, always with grave goods.

 The new data provided by this paper has been achieved through a multidisciplinary study of the funerary practices of the site. This new data has helped to improve our knowledge revealing characteristics that extend the burial types and rites not only of this site but also of the Iberian Chalcolithic as well.

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