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Regional variation in the use of earliest pottery in Northwest Europe: Case study on Swifterbant pottery and its residue analysis
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This research examines the different early ceramic traditions and the possible functional variation of pottery in the Swifterbant culture in intersite, regional, and interregional scale. Swifterbant culture is a Late Mesolithic-Early Neolithic (5000-2500 BC) hunter-gatherer-fisher society, located in the Netherlands and northern Germany (Lower Saxony), in the NW Europe. Traditional explanations for the introduction of pottery into essentially hunter-gatherer communities consider a direct relationship between (ecologically related) sudden changes in food sources and social adaptation to this change through developing new food processing strategies. Recent studies on the ceramics from hunter-gatherer cultures, however, strongly suggest variance from this theory. Swifterbant culture demonstrates a continuation of hunter-gatherer subsistence strategies alongside a gradual shift towards agricultural cultivation and domestic food production, indicating a shift from the less sedentary life style of hunter gatherers towards the more sedentary life style of village communities that rely on cultivating the land and agricultural production. To illustrate this gradual shift of lifestyle on the pottery and its possible functional variation, this research will work on a selection of pottery from seven different archaeological sites and establish a broader comparetive context.

The methods utilized within this research will vary, the primary method will be residue analysis. This will examine the components that have been absorbed into the pottery and through this conclusions about diet, function and variation can be made. Other methods will include morphological and technological anlayses of the pottery which will enable a multifaceted understanding of this pottery culture.


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