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The bucranes in the domus de janas: symbols of a funeral ideology or effect of human actions mutually connected with social structures?
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Interdisciplinary analysis conducted on numerous figurative sculpted motifs, engraved or painted on the walls of about 220 domus de janas, artificial caves funerary excavated in Sardinia between the end of V and 3rd millennium BC. (medium neolithic, recent neolithic and copper age), allows to better articulate the meaning of art manifestations, deepening and integrating already advanced hypotheses, sometimes just only outlined.

The topic will be carried out in a semiotic approach, starting from the figurative analysis and the location of the motifs, to achieve the following objectives:

1) recompose the process of stylistic evolution;

2) identify elements and influences of the reconstructed economy on the basis of archeobotanical, paleofaunistic and biomolecular analyses;

3) to recognize and point out the complex of social structures, enucleating the dialectical relations that have arisen with the motifs of art.

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