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Patterns in the Location of Decorated Caves: the Nalón River Basin (Asturias, North Spain) in pre-Magdalenian times.
Miguel Ángel Fano  1, *@  , Alejandro García-Moreno  2@  , Mª Soledad Corchón-Rodríguez  3@  , Diego Gárate  4@  
1 : Universidad de La Rioja  (UR)  -  Site web
Departamento de Ciencias Humanas. c/ Luis de Ulloa 2. 26004 Logroño -  Espagne
2 : Museo de Prehistoria y Arqueología de Cantabria  (MUPAC)
C/ Ruiz de Alda, 19, E-39009 Santander, Spain. -  Espagne
3 : Universidad de Salamanca  (USAL)
Departamento de Prehistoria, Hª Antigua y Arqueología, C/ Cerrada de Serranos s/n, 37002 Salamanca, Spain. -  Espagne
4 : IIIPC, Universidad de Cantabria  (UC)
Edificio Interfacultativo. Avda. de Los Castros, 52, 39005 Santander, Spain. -  Espagne
* : Auteur correspondant

Research on Palaeolithic societies has mainly focused on archaeological deposits and rock art. In contrast, the location and characteristics of the sites where these forms of evidence are found: rock-shelters and caves in the case of Cantabrian Spain, have hardly been studied systematically with the application of a specific methodology. However, these places, whatever the activity that was carried out in them, are an important component of the archaeological record, as they were chosen by hunter-gatherer societies for particular purposes. The integration of spatial information with data from the archaeological record sensu stricto is able to generate solid hypotheses about the role of the sites in their social context. This is not only of interest from a materialistic/subsistence perspective, as the choice of a certain site may be determined by more subtle factors, such as the significance or symbolism of certain elements in the landscape or of the sites themselves. In this sense, the potential amount of information that Palaeolithic rock art sites can provide is evident. This poster will present the preliminary results of a study on the location and setting of a large group of caves in the Nalón River Basin (Asturias, North Spain) containing parietal art of pre-Magdalenian chronology. The research has aimed to determine whether this type of site displays a relatively common location pattern.

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