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Techno-functional analysis of bone and antler industry from Farneto (Bologna, Italy) and Sa Osa (Oristano, Italy) archaeological sites
Eleonora Gargani  1@  , Marco Bertolini  1, *@  , Ursula Thun Hohenstein  1, *@  
1 : University of Ferrara, Department of Department of Humanities  (UNIFE)  -  Site web Ercole I d'Este 32 -  Italie
* : Auteur correspondant

The aim of this study is the identification and reconstruction of past Chaine Opératoire and use of bone and antler tools, referring to two archaeological sites of Copper Age frequentation: Sa Osa site (Oristano, Italy) and Farneto rockshelter (Bologna, Italy). The collections respectively result from a preventive excavation rescue, and a museum old collection. Besides, a de-contextualisation and the nearly total lack of manufacturing wastes is recorded: the collections are mainly composed by finished tools. The applied methodology take instance from the bone industry technological and functional studies, which allow identifying the modalities of exploitation of osseous materials during prehistory. Observations under stereomicroscope (0.63x-4x) and metallographic microscope (50x-500x) highlight the presence of anthropic traces left during the manufacturing activities, as well as those occurred on the tool surface after the utilisation of it in past recurring activities. An experimental activity is also performed, in order to create a reliable reference collection to compare for the technological and use-wear resulting data recorded among the archaeological tools. The resulting data allowed the reconstruction of Chaine Opératoire and past use for the most recurrent tools typologies identified at Farneto rockshelter and Sa Osa sites' collections.

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