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Pit-houses of the 4th Millennium cal BC on the Southern coast of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea
Irina Khrustaleva  1, 2@  , Aivar Kriiska  2@  
1 : The State Hermitage Museum
2 : Tartu University

While the sites with pit-houses remains dated to the Stone Age are quite expressive on the northern and eastern coasts of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea (Finland and the Karelian Isthmus in Russia) (e.g. Mökkönen, 2011) for the region of the southern coast of the Gulf only a few building remains are currently known. Only three constructions are connected with an early stage, the Comb Ware culture (3900-1800 cal BC). They were discovered and partially excavated on two sites on the territory of Estonia: Riigiküla and Jägala-Jõesuu V (Gurina, 1967; Kriiska, 2002) in the 1950s and 2011, accordingly. But not all find material is still processed and sites are dated only typo-chronologically.

New international and interdisciplinary research of both of these sites has currently started and the construction of pit-houses will be studied intensively as well. In our presentation the results of paleo-geographical research of these complexes, as well as the results of constructions remains space analysis and description of architectural elements of these structures will be shown. New AMS-dates got from the wild animals bones found in these objects, show that the earliest pit-houses currently known on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea are dated to the 4th Millennium cal BC.


Gurina, N. N. 1967

Kriiska, A. 2002. Dwelling remains from Stone Age occupation sites in Estonia. – Huts and houses. Stone Age and Early Metal buildings in Finland. Ed H. Ranta. National Board of Antiquities, 235–239.

Mökkönen, Т. 2011.Studies on Stone Age housepits in Fennoscandia (4000-2000 cal BC). Changes in ground plan, site location, and degree of sedentism. Helsinki.


Mots clefs : Neolithic ; Comb Ware culture ; Gulf of Finland ; Baltic Sea ; pit ; house ; interdisciplinary research

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