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New light on the Prehistoric sites of West Garo Hills in North East India
Bezbaruah Dwipen Bezbaruah & Smita Devi Bora  1@  
1 : Gauhati University
Jalukbari, Gauhati University, Oin 781014 -  Inde

West Garo Hills in Meghalaya is one of the significant areas in North east India where traces of prehistoric man's existence have been verified by the prolific occurrence of stone artefacts and pottery over a large area in the Rongram- Ganol river valleys. Different scholars have carried out studies in these sites in the past on the typotechnological and chronological aspects of the artefacts and sites. Recent studies focussing on the topographical, sedimentlogical and petrographical aspects of the sites have revealed many interesting facts. The sites in West Garo Hills are characterised by occurrence in association with streams and water sources. Undulating nature of the topography has been another significant aspect of the sites. Confluences, terraces and stratigraphy with composites sections of silt, loose and cemented gravel has been the characteristic features of the sites. The sedimentological study of selected sites has indicated less transportation of the implementiferous sediments. The typological attributes of the sites also conform to the topographic nature of the sites facilitating the subsistence pursuit of the early man. The occurrence of dykes of doleritic composition indicating seismic activity in the past and consequent use of it for preparation of tools is another significant dimension of the sites in the area. The authors try to discuss the mentioned aspects of the sites in West Garo Hills of Meghalaya in North East India in the light of the investigation made in recent years.

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