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Sergio Ripoll López  1, *@  , Vicente Bayarri, Francisco J. Muñoz, José Latova@
1 : Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia  (UNED)
* : Auteur correspondant

During the year 1952 Professor E. Ripoll-Perelló and his wife A. L. López were given permission from the Patronato de las Cuevas Prehistóricas de la Provincia de Santander to study the Cueva de Las Monedas in the Monte de El Castillo, Puente Viesgo (Cantabria). While they performed these works they had opportunity to visit the cave on several occasions and compare it with the information published by Abbé H. Breuil, assisted by H. Alcalde del Río and L. Sierra in Les Cavernes de the Region Cantabrique. Throughout his explorations they could see that many of the published images on the one hand did not correspond with reality and on the other they found numerous unpublished representations. In 1953, my parents decided to carry out the review of the representations described and returned with another permission from the same institution. The work was done in several campaigns and carried out the discovery of almost 300 new figures in the Cueva de El Castillo. Eduardo Ripoll have never published the results of their investigations and told me many years later that it was because the change of methodology that was imposed in the 1960s. A few weeks before the death of my father in the year 2006, in Barcelona, in a very solemn manner gave me a great portfolio that kept all the documentation of the Castillo and told me: publish it!

Finally a few months ago I had a clear idea and the work was developed together with a group of researchers, we ask for the mandatory permit to verify suitability of the descriptions of my father, his location in cave and above all make some new photos of certain grounds. The application of emerging technologies in digital image processing has allowed us to expand 280 my father figures to nearly 550 new figures, some of them quite spectacular. And are those present in this Congress. We are aware that over the years have been many researchers who have been studying the great cave, but so far we have not found references to demonstrations that here either do a different reading.

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