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New dating results of the MSA/LSA Transition in Northwestern Africa
Eslem Ben Arous  1@  , Qingfeng Shao  2@  , Mohammed El Hajraoui  3@  , Roland Nespoulet  1@  , Christophe Falgueres  1@  
1 : Muséum National d'\Histoire Naturelle - UMR 7194  (MNHN)
Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
1, rue René Panhard, 75013, Paris -  France
2 : School of Geographical Sciences, Nanjing Normal University  (NNU)
1, Wenyuan Road, Nanjing 210023 -  Chine
3 : Institut National des Sciences de lÁrchéologie et du Patrimoine - Rabat  (INSAP)
Institut National des Sciences de l\'Archéologie et du Patrimoine [INSAP] - Rabat

Recent archeological discoveries in North Africa brought this area back at the heart of the debate on the origin of the Middle Stone Age (MSA) and Later Stone Age (LSA) human settlements. This study focuses on the chronology of the MSA/LSA Transition in the Temara region (Atlantic coast, Northwestern Africa). This cultural transition is characterized by major technical, anthropological, and, paleoclimatic changes, and occurred in the Late Pleistocene. Due to the paucity of reliable dating evidence, late Pleistocene models of modern human migrations within and out of Africa have proven difficult to describe spatially and temporally, and have been modeled mostly through genetic datasets. The purpose of this study is to define a more precise the chronological framework of the MIS 5 to MIS 2 human occupation in Northwestern Africa by a high sampling resolution. Here, we present the series of 15 new ESR/US dates from a MSA sequence at El Harhoura 2, and discuss their methodological, archeological, and environmental implications.

News results will allow us: 1) to obtain a better resolution of the MSA/LSA transition of the Temara region and 2) to make younger the end of the MSA, previously placed around 60-55 ka by SG-OSL in El Harhoura 2 cave. 

14C and OSL ages (ongoing) will be compare to ESR/US ages to discuss of the MSA/LSA transition on the base of multi-geochronological approach

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