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The Levantine Aurignacian in the Mediterranean Woodlands and Arid Marginal Zones: A Discussion of Upper Paleolithic Cultures in Relation to the Sequence at Ksar Akil, Lebanon
Christopher Bergman  1, *@  , John Williams  2@  
2 : University of Colorado Denver
* : Auteur correspondant

The Ksar Akil rockshelter is located 10 km northeast of Beirut adjacent to the coastal plain in the foothills of the Lebanon Mountain range, and has been the focus of several different excavations throughout the 20th century. A Paleolithic sequence stretching from the Middle to Upper Paleolithic was revealed in 23 meters of deposits, making this site one of the most important in the region for discussing these periods. Our paper will discuss the various manifestations of what has been called “Levantine Aurignacian” throughout the Levant, from the Mediterranean Woodlands down to the arid marginal zones, using the sequence at Ksar Akil as a reference and comparison. A new classification of the Upper Paleolithic sequence at Ksar Akil is proposed, based on independent studies of collections housed in London, England and Cambridge, Massachusetts, which seeks to provide clarity to the Ksar Akil sequence specifically and regional developments in general. 

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