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"Northern icescapes - barrier or bridge? On sea ice, marine foraging and the colonization of the Scandinavian seascapes"
Hein B. Bjerck  1@  
1 : Norwegian University of Science and Technology [Trondheim]  (NTNU)  -  Site web
NO-7491 Trondheim -  Norvège

The paper explores the role of the Northern Sea-Ice and its potential for subsistence strategies for the humans that inhabited the northern part of the continental plains in the Pleistocene/Holocene transition. The North Sea sea-ice lingered for a large part of the year (late winter-spring) – a prosperous habitat where marine resources could be accessed without a fully developed marine technology (boats). Naturally, archaeological evidence from human sea-ice activities is expected to be next to non-existing – but this does not necessarily mean that Late Pleistocene sea-ice hunting never happened. The paper explores this possibility, and its potential consequences for the development of northern marine foraging and the colonization of Scandinavian seascapes.

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