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From the study of the archaeological traces of El Mnasra groups to the identification of their activities, their needs, their intelligence, their behaviors then to their relations and quantification.
Mohammed Abdeljalil El Hajraoui  1, *@  , Roland Nespoulet  2@  
1 : Institut National des Sciences de l'Archéologie et du Patrimoine
Av. Allal El Fassi angle rues 5 et 7 Madinat Al Irfane, Hay Riad -  Maroc
2 : Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN)
Paris, France -  France
* : Auteur correspondant

Mohammed Abdeljalil* El Hajraoui and Roland Nespoulet**

*Institut National des Sciences de l'Archéologie et du Patrimoine, Rabat, Morocco

corresponding author :

**Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France

Each archaeological trace means one or more activities of El Mnasra groups. Starting from the seven finds discovered in this site and which means one or more behaviors of the modern human, we have distinguished 40 activities of the mnasraouis. Each of them is necessary to the satisfaction of one or more needs. Referring to the work and classifications of contemporary psychologists, we were able to determine the relationship between these different parameters and to quantify them graphically. This allowed us to better understand the relationship between these different ones and their importance.

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