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Hard animal raw materials and their using for the production of tools in Kostenki-Avdeevo culture, Russia.
Bibiana Hromadova  1, *@  
1 : research associate UMR 7055 Préhistoire et Technologie
UMR 7055 - Préhistoire et Technologie
MAE, 21 allée de l'Université, F-92023 Nanterre -  France
* : Auteur correspondant

Kostenki-Avdeevo culture belongs to one of the most important formations of Upper Palaeolithic of Eastern Europe. Bone and ivory artifacts from this cluster of sites (Kostienki 1/1 and Avdeevo, etc.) are probably one of the largest collections or organic tools for that region. Assemblages of Kostenki 1/1 and Avdeevo sites yield unique examples of palaeolithic portable art, as well as a large variability of the morphology of tools with original ornaments. These features make these two collections the most interesting gravettian industries of the area, that developed in the Russian plain during the early phase of LGM. However and paradoxally, chrono-cultural definition of Kostienki-Avdeevo culture still remains unclear and some divergences between sites haven't been yet completely explained.

Technological analysis of the industries made from hard animal tissues (bone, ivory and antler) and the analysis of the ornamental decoration on tools provide us a new and different perspective on these collections. These ornamented artifacts from Kostenki 1/1 and Avdeevo may change our understanding of that culture and contribute to reconsider Kostenki-Willendorf unity and Eastern Gravettian phenomenon as well.

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