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Integrated Landscape Management: an insight into the variables of social governance as seen from the perspective of Prehistory
Luiz Oosterbeek  1@  , Pierluigi Rosina  1@  , Rita Anastácio  1@  , Luís Santos  1@  
1 : Instituto Politécnico de Tomar; Instituto Terra e memória, Mação, Centro de Geociências da Universidade de Coimbra. Portugal  (IPT, ITM, CGEO)  -  Site web
Museu de Arte Pré-Histórica, Lg. Infante D. Henrique, 6120-750 Mação -  Portugal

Studies of Prehistoric societies rely primarily on the two drivers which may be assessed through archaeological methods: technology (raw materials procurement, transformation and use) and space (from palaeosurfaces to landscape approach to logistics). These two main drivers are then combined, for matters of interpretation, with anthropological theory, namely concerning social organization, and with historical theory, concerning cultural changes through time. This tetra fold approach to the past is in fact a very powerful theoretical framework to understand human adaptive behaviour patterns, which can be used in different chronological contexts, till the present. The paper discusses potential implications of such an approach in terms of education and governance, within the framework of sustainability science.

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