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Role of Indian Museum in Cultural Resource Management
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1 : Indian Museum  (IM)
27 Jawarhal Nehru Road, Kolkata-700016 -  Inde

Indian Museum was established in Kolkata about more than 200 years ago by the British Colonial Ruler. The major aim of the organization is to study man and his culture. Since then Indian Museum has taken active role to collect material cultural traits of different ethnic groups inhabiting the different corners of Indian subcontinent. The aim of this paper is to highlight how the Indian Museum playing a significant role in the sphere of Cultural Resource Management. Indian Museum is playing a key role to manage the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of India. The tangible heritages are regularly collected, preserved and exhibited in the different galleries of Indian Museum, whereas intangible heritages are audio-visually recorded and preserved scientifically. Apart from these outreach programmes of the Indian Museum play important role to educate and make aware the general mass about the cultural heritage of India. The present paper aims to highlight some of the tangible cultural heritage of India preserved by the Indian Museum. 

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