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Geophysical exploration and landscape studies of the Bronze Age burial mounds on the salt routes in Southeastern Transylvania
Dan Stefan  1, *@  , Maria Magdalena Stefan  1, *@  , Valerii Kavruk  1, *@  , Dan Buzea  1@  
1 : National Museum of the Eastern Carpathians, Sfântu Gheorghe
* : Auteur correspondant

Transylvania is one of the richest in salt European zones and the latest archaeological and ethnographical researches, undertaken especially in its eastern regions, have proved that its saline resources were exploited in dedicated sites even during the Bronze Age. Because the sources of rock salt and brine accessible for a non-industrial type of exploitation are found only in certain spots, not in wide areas, the salt was obviously trafficked between the neighboring regions which were in a mineralogical contrasting relation.

Our study will look into the symbolic fingerprint of such a transportation network by analyzing the funerary reflection of these salt routes crossing the Carpathian Mountains. Among the used methods we name landscape archaeology, remote sensing and geophysical prospection.

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