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Hills on the Plain: The Evolution of Neolithic Tells in the Körös Region of the Great Hungarian Plain
William Parkinson * , Attila Gyucha * , Richard Yerkes  1, *@  , Apostolos Sarris  2, *@  , Panagiotis Karkanas * @
1 : Ohio State University [Columbus]  (OSU)  -  Site web
Ohio State University Smith Laboratory 174 W 18th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43210 -  États-Unis
2 : GeoSat ReSeArch Lab, Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
* : Auteur correspondant

In this paper, we bring together environmental, geological, and archaeological information to investigate the evolution of two tells located in the Körös region of the Great Hungarian Plain – Szeghalom-Kovácshalom and Vésztő-Mágor. By analyzing data collected via regional geological sediment cores, on-site micromorphological samples, geophysical surveys, intensive surface collections, and targeted excavations, we discuss the evolution of these two tells within their microregional settings in the broader landscape of the Körös region. The research discussed in the presentation was collected by the Körös Regional Archaeological Project from 2010-2015 and reveals two strikingly different trajectories of tell formation despite the close proximity of the two contemporaneous sites.

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