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The idea of interdisciplinarity
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From the 1920's onwards, private and state public institutions fostering innovative and promising scientific projects were implemented at an international level. These institutions prescribed models of research practices that scientists were urged to reproduce in order to be financially supported. Amongst these models, the exchange of skills and tools between disciplines and the building of blended research teams were particularly encouraged since the 1950s. This model still remains influent today and prehistory takes part in it. Focusing on the 20th century, this paper aims to look at the plurality of motives and behaviours' developed by Swiss and French prehistorians regarding collaborations with other disciplines. What were the mechanisms of these incorporations? What were the methodological, heuristic, institutional and disciplinary motivations? What kind of adjustments and drawbacks scholars had to face in their daily practice? Finally, what does it reveal about the way prehistorians saw interdisciplinarity?

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