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Palau's Monumental Earthworks: The Political Economy of Landesque Capital
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1 : Micronesian Heritage Consulting  (MHC)
121 West Tyler Avenue Harlingen, TX 78550 -  États-Unis

Monumental earth architecture forming contiguous modified terrain covers a minimum of 20 percent of Babeldaob, the largest island in the Palau archipelago in western Micronesia. This impressive and diverse earth architecture supported the majority of community activities and defined socio-political districts for over 1200 years of Palau's history. Through the lens of political economy and landesque capital, a model for the formation and of this monumental earthwork landscape is proposed. The variables involved in land innovations and labor investment, and how these mechanisms were motivated by, and shaped and supported, socio-political and economic processes are explored. Within this framework, it is proposed that Palau's monumental earthwork landscape embodies a complex merger of energy investment, ancestral ties, ritual association, staple wealth, and social bonding.

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