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The Walking Dead: Cross-Channel connections and Funerary Practices c. 1600-1200 BC
Benjamin Roberts  1, *@  , Katy Cormack, Valérie Delattre  2, *@  , Isabelle Legoff  3, *@  , Cyril Marcigny  4, *@  , Rebecca Peake  5, *@  , Edward Caswell  1, *@  
1 : Durham university  -  Site web
Durham DH1, Royaume-Uni -  Royaume-Uni
2 : Institut National de Recherches Archeologiques Preventives  (INRAP)  -  Site web
Minsitère de la Culture
7, rue de Madrid75008 Paris -  France
3 : Institut National de Recherches Archeologiques Preventives  (INRAP)  -  Site web
Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
7, rue de Madrid75008 Paris -  France
4 : Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques préventives. UMR 6566-CReAAH, Universités de Rennes
5 : INRAP CIF, Université de Bourgogne, UMR Artehis 6298
INRAP, Université de Bourgogne
* : Auteur correspondant

The Middle /early Late Bronze Age (c. 1600-1200 BC) in the cross-channel region is invariably understood through the many close connections evidenced by new metal technologies and object types. These relationships tend to be interpreted as either continuities or developments from Early Bronze Age (c. 2200-1600 BC) cross-channel communities. However, whilst scholarship on the cross-channel connections between Early Bronze Age communities has tended to focus on funerary practices, there been no recent or comparable re-evaluation of cross-channel Middle /Late Bronze Age funerary practices. This paper draws upon a comprehensive dataset of all funerary sites in southern Britain and northern France in order to investigate questions of regionality and the dead.

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