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The HeLanShan god rock painting is the proof of Zhuan Xu颛顼 and Buddha's portrait
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1 : The Chinese society of rock
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The topic is the idea.In other words, the author comes to the view by assembled multi-group data about ancient literature, Xumishan Grottoes , hieroglyph ,stones of cultural remains and using "court-style” research method thatemphasized facts and reasons.

Zhuanxu was a Chinese early emperor and also was tribal leader of the northern alliance in Neolithic Period. North belongs to the black and water in five-element Theory, so the Zhuanxu was also called dark Emperor or water emperor. We can see the roofs of temples, cathedrals and palaces of worship are drop-shape in the world. The drop-shaped components can prove that Zhuanxu was a master, water emperor ,who influenced the world with water virtue.

Zhuanxu could influence the world because he carried out areligious Revolution of ” the prohibition of heaven and earth”. ” The prohibition of heaven and earth” means to prohibit the people of the Earth communicate with God in heaven. Only Zhuanxu himself and his two necromancers could be communicated with the gods. Through the religious Revolution of ” the prohibition of heaven and earth”, Zhuanxu became the earlist master and god in human history. There are many physical evidences around the Helan Mountain that can prove Zhuanxu is Buddha. The form of the sun god rock painting of Helan Mountain should come from the name "Zhuanxu" ,who was Gaoyang and It told the story of the Buddha.

A portrait of " Buddha"which was unearthed in the Hongfo Tower under the Helan Mountain is the portrait that portrayedZhuanxu and his two proteges. At the same time, a painted clay statue of buddha's head with a short beard and black drop-shape under the eyes also unearthed, indicating that the Buddha was Zhuanxu, dark Emperor.

The most convincing argument are the tens of thousands of cultural relics which left over from a goddess in Chinese mythology who fill the sky by smelting stone. The engravings of these stones and their idol sculptures can attest to the author's point of view.

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