Ornamental elements of the levels P/6 to P/2 from "El Pirulejo" (Priego de Córdoba, Spain)
Miguel Cortés Sánchez  1, *@  , María D. Simón-Vallejo  1@  , M. Carmen Lozano Francisco  1@  , José L. Vera Peláez  1@  , María Gavilan Zaldúa  2@  , Lydia Calle Román  1@  , Rubén Parrilla Giráldez  1@  , José A. Riquelme Cantal  3@  , Carlos Odriozola Lloret  1@  
1 : Tellus. Prehistoria y Arqueología en el sur de Iberia. Universidad de Sevilla.  (TellUS)
2 : Universidad de Sevilla
3 : Universidad de Córdoba  (UCO)
* : Corresponding author

El Pirulejo is the largest Late Glacial archaeological sequence known to date for hinterland areas in the south of Iberian Peninsula. This archaeological site present an archaeological sequence with occupations of the middle-advanced Solutrean and Middle and Upper Magdalenian.

Most of the ornamental elements correspond to a collection of malacofauna. However, there are also pigments, other exotic rocks and some fossil.

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