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L. Oosterbeek (president of the scientific committee), M. Azarello (secretary), Ya Mei Hou, R. Whallon, A. Camara (vice-presidents), R. Sala, M. Besse, R. Ontanon, M.A. Kaeser, E. Robrahn, S. Campana, B. Torok, V. Sirbu, S. Grimaldi, F. Bostyn, B. Barich, M. Sall, B. Eriksen, E. David, N. Skakun, M.H. Montcel, P. Arias, A. Ringer, V. Paz, E. Campmas, L. Boudad, G. Bailey, N. Connard, S. Kadrow, E. Boeda, R. Peake, J. Fullola, D. Grimaud-Hervé, P. Moscati, Ch. Falguères, R. Vergnieux.

 Guest members

 M. Gurova (EAA), F. Semah (MNHN), A. Choyke (Icaz), P. Antoine (INQUA), S. Deschamps (French Ministry of Culture), N. Schlanger (Ecole des Chartes), G. Sauvet (art), J. Lech, Jean-Philippe Brugal (archéozoologie), Jean-Denis Vigne (MNHN), etc.

The role of the scientific committee is to validate the proposals for the sessions and communications, to make sure they match the ethical guidelines defined by the IUPPS.


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