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Symposium "Historiography of French prehistorians in the second half of the 20th century"

Mardi 5 juin, salle 4, de 8h30 à 19h00 


The symposium is dedicated to the presentation of biographies of French prehistorians inthe second half of the twentieth century (with exceptions) who have played a significant scientific role in French and world prehistory.


  1. Victor Commont (100° anniversary) - Pascal Depaepe

  2. Max Escalon de Fonton Jean Guilaine (Néo) - Gérard Onoratini (Paléo)

  3. Jean Arnal - Jean Guilaine,

  4. Louis Méroc - Henri de Lumley

  5. Georges Laplace - Robert Sala

  6. Henriette Alimen - Jean Claude Miskovsky

  7. Camille Arambourg - Djillali Hadjouis

  8. Francis Hours - Olivier Aurenche

  9. P. R Giot/P. Briard/M. L’Helgouach - Jean Laurent Monnier

  10. Michel Brézillon - Philippe Soulier

  11. Bohumil Soudsky - Jean Paul Demoule

  12. Jean Piveteau - Marie Antoinette de Lumley

  13. Jean Pierre Millotte - Jean François Piningre

  14. Archaeologists and engineers - François Djindjian

  15. Jacques Cauvin - Olivier Aurenche

  16. Pierre Jean Hugot - Sylvie Amblard Pison

  17. José Garanger - Christophe Sand

  18. Annette Laming Emperaire - Lioudmila Iakovleva (Art)

  19. Jacques Tixier - Latifa Sari

Nota bene

Renowned prehistorians such as H. Breuil, A. Leroi-Gourhan, F. Bordes, H. Delporte, G. Bailloud, G. Camps and many others have already been the subject of  historiographical sessions and/or publications and will not be part of the subject of this symposium.


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